Free Ways to Earn Money Online Without Any Investment

It is very difficult for you to survive as a new blogger as if you don't have a job or any other ways to earn your livelihood.
Blogging needs new ideas, topics , writing skills, determination, regular efforts, patience and a strong determination.
The main aim behind creating a blog is to earn a big bag of money with lesser efforts that will generate tons of money in future time.This money will help you stay alive in your struggle for paying your bills.

In this post I am going to show you Ways to Earn Money Online without paying anything just with a computer and an internet connection that I hope you should have while planning for an online income!

These methods can help you to make a decent amount of income on your efforts and time you put with strong determination.

There are many ways of earning online, searching this topic online you will find many legit and scams , stay away from scam programs that asks you for an initial payment for staring the money making programs, they usually asks for clicks , filling your personal information, email payers and payment for just reading sms.
I am hereby revealing the easy and legit ways to earn on internet and some of them will need skills, hard work and good writing capabilities.
So Let's start by going on the first way to earn money online:

1.Writing an Article

Bloggers and Webmasters always have to look or a new and unique content for their blogs and websites.
You can offer them good articles and they will be paid starting from a minimum of $2-$5 for your hardwork in writing awesome articles.

I recommend it is full of scams you have take certain measures dealing with it.

2.Get Paid For Blog Posts

In this you need to write an awesome content that can drive a decent amount of traffic and then you have to provide in-content links to your marketers or clients that are willing to pay for traffic or sales of their product.You can use free blogging wesites like blogger or wordpress to start this income with zero-investment.
You can also make a good market value of your blog by making efforts to make a good PageRank which will drive more customers easily.

I recommend to get a proper information of in-content links that you are going to create from your blog posts.It can degrade your PageRank and search rankings if not handled with care.

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3.The Art of Guest Posting

It is the most easy way to create a buzz to drive a lot of traffic and to get paid or that.In Today days many websites gives function of guest posting you can use to earn.Your clients will be more eager to pay you a good amount of money for this.Its invaluable to get your post approved on a Pro-Blog and your client will pay thousand o dollars for it.

I recommend you to do this hardwork for your own recognition and credibility only but you can do this for others if you are in hard search of cash.

4.Becoming an  Affiliate

You can use your own blogs or any other websites that recieves a large amount of traffic and allows you to post your affiliate links there.You can impress people about saying your reviews on that product and in return you will get a large amount o traffic which can make you a fare amount of income.

I recommend to start affiliate marketing with All-Time known affiliate websites to give a good start with a hassle-free payment.

5.Commenting on High PageRank  Blogs

There are many websites on internet that have Auto-Approve for all comments and also provide a do-follow links.You can start a list building by making a good research on this topic and start making your do-follow links on these website to drive decent amount of traffic to your blog or website.

I recommend to make a list of these websites and sell it by giving an awesome offer to bloggers and webmasters to get a decent amount of money for an awesome hardwork.
You can use free ads posting or free listings to sell this list.

6.Becoming an Online Broker

In this you just have to do hardwork to fix a meeting between a client and an advertiser.

I recommend in this method you have to make a lot efforts the amount of money you will be earning is not enough for your hardwork so choose another method from the above mentioned ways.

"Main Recommendation: I recommend to start today itself with a free blogging service or buying a domain for your blog so you can start learning with some original experience. And you have to focus on your "BLOG" and do other jobs as in a part-time."

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