Twitter Tools to Maximize Power of Twitter

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Twitter is a social media platform with crores of users. And most of the people use Twitter to get traffic to their web/blog.
Getting traffic from twitter is not an bad idea but as always we need tools to get perfection and do our work easily.

To get maximum traffic you should have to use the Twitter's Masters (People Having Crores of Followers) and get them to tweet a post for you in twitter, now you just have to sit relax and traffic will come as air in huge abundance.

Using Twitter Tools is an other way to do the same but in lesser proportion till you become a power user and get your badge of being master in twitter.

So hereby I start to list the awesome tools to optimize the twitter in optimum manner to get the most out of it.

1. BufferApp

This is a tool which is going to work for you day and night it will schedule your posts and tweet them at their scheduled time & date. As always it is a paid tool but you can grab your free version which can dchedule maximum 10 tweet posts everyday and it also have feature to link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with your twitter accounts.

I recommend to go for a try it maximize your followers and traffic too.

Click To Grab BufferApp for free.

2. ManageFlitter

It is a tool for masters/experts it have all features of Tweepi and have own advanced features to follow and unfollow people easily
You know or not but Twitter have a limit for each user to follow maximum 2,000 in a fresh start and once you reach this limit it becomes hard for you to choose people whom to unfollow at this time this tool will work for you to analyze that have you got your reciprocal follow from your followers and will make easy or you to choose people to unfollow.
Being a good tool also its free so grab it now.

Click here to Grab ManageFlitter

3. Tweepi
Tweepi is a Twitter tool that helps you follow new tweeps without any hassle and it's free too. It has amazing features to grab and according to one survey 350 million people are using this tool to maximize their reach.

You can use this tool to follow 100-200 twitter users to get follow backs like 30-40 per 200 which will help you to maximize your reach and will help you to spread your word among most of the twitter users.

Click Here to Grab Tweepi

4. is a tool to collect top tweets or information from your followers. All followers love to get themself being noticed and this tool will help in the same way it will collect the tweet when your twitter followers share anything and it arranges them daily and and mentions the user who had tweeted that post which will be great attraction for your followers and it can help you to get more followers which will indirectly get you more traffic.

Click Here to SignUp for

5. Hootsuite

According to one survey 10 million people are using Hootsuite to use twitter in optimum manner and to drive more traffic.
This tool will help you to analyze your clicks and user engagements and all other analytics from its dashboard.
Its free till 3 social media accounts than you can go for its premium service.
It also has feature to schedule your post and publish at scheduled time & date ,it also have feature to comment without the need to visit to twitter and you can track your results easily.

Click Here to SignUp for Hootsuite

Do you use any other twitter tools that can help to maximize the power of twitter? If your answer is yes do share them in comment section below.


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