How to Get Organic Traffic to your Website {Blog}

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There are many ways beyond limits to drive traffic to your blog.
I am today going to show how to get organic traffic to your blog.
You can get your perfect audience by getting your blog in organic search results. The people when searching for their query get on your blog and get converted into your subscribers or clients because they are the right audience for your content.

Let I start with saying some of the names of search engines:
1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yahoo
4. Ask Me etc...

But to get the perfect audience by organic search results our target is "Google" being the most famous and user-friendly search engine. For Bing, Yahoo and Ask Me you can go after you get a position in Google being the foremost importance.

Organic Traffic coming from the search engine is always beneficial because it lowers the bounce-rate and you get your targeted audience which will be revisiting if you have maintained the quality of your content and offered some useful stuff.
You will also get a decent income by getting organic traffic for your content using your advertisement and affiliate programs.

On the second number to drive the targeted traffic we can use "Social Networking Sites" like 'Facebook', 'Twitter', 'Stumbleupon'.
You just have to make a fan page of your blog and have to make announcements on any new article you have written to increase the buzz and get a good amount of traffic.

Now I am going to discuss some factors on which you you have to focus to get traffic from organic search results.

The main factor responsible for this is the term "SEO" which means "Search Engine Optimization". 'SEO' means to design your structure of your website in such a style that the people get for what they are looking for and it is mostly used by spiders who crawls your website and understand your content and put you in the category keyword by which you will get the maximum organic search traffic because of your good "SEO Strategies"

There are 3 main aspects you have to take care while making your site 'seo perfect'. They are:

1. On-Page SEO
2. Off-Page SEO
3. On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO:

To get started with on-site SEO you have to get some quality in your:
1. Titles
2. Tags
3. URLs
4. Description
5. Broken Links etc...

You have to focus on above mentioned aspects to get your on-site SEO to the next level and to get your targeted audience.

Quality of Content in SEO:

You have to focus on your marketing strategies for your content you use.
Generally you have to create a buzz on social sites, get indexed your content by Google and to use "Backlink Strategy" to get higher rank in search results.

To get these all in few time with #1 to #3 position in search results you have to get the "word of mouth" of people and then you have time of 2-3 days to get your quality content ready on that buzz and to publish it with maximum marketing. It is hard but not impossible you have to work on some areas and to get some "out of the box".

In Content Writing you have to get in detail not get all in few words and get over, go in-depth to make your audience to get clear idea of what you want to express which is also an aspect of SEO to write a long-detailed article.

Building Reputation in SEO:

This consists of building backlinks for your "Anchor Text".
Search engine will be friendly to you if you have quality links and would be your worst enemy if you use irrelevant {Blackhat} tricks to get maximum backlinks.
It plays an major part in getting your rank higher and to get more traffic.
You have to just write an awesome quality content which will should to be so much useful that other sites should recommend their users to get a visit to your site and will give you a do-follow link for your website which will be very much useful rank higher.

Maintain Your Blog:

You should always keep updating your blog to keep it up-to-date for your readers and for SEO also.
SEO also depends on your regular updates to your blog and it is also used by "Alexa" to put your rankings.
So you should make your content updated and to get some out of the box ideas to remain in the tough competition of ranking higher.

Get Rewarded by Traffic:

You will get rewarded by revisit of your audience if you get them impressed by your quality content. It will be a major factor for bounce-rates of your web/blog.

Get Social:

You can use the social media marketing strategies to go for the the optimum traffic from social media sites. It is the best way to get your content marketed and get the perfect audience to your blog which will lead you to conversion of your visitors to readers.

Avoid Black-hat Methods:

I personally recommend you to avoid the black-hat methods which means to use unethical ways to get higher rankings.
This can result in to penalty by search engines and also in removal of your indexed pages and to lose your higher positions.
Always go for the manual and ethical ways to promote your web/blog.

Do share your ideas and suggestions and your strategies on this topic.

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  1. This tips is really great to get organic traffic on website. Thank You For This.