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By Kaushal Soni

Being online always need a blog to share anything you like and being smart you can also earn a decent amount of income from your blog.
On my blog I have shared about many blogging platforms that you can use to start your own blog and one which I recommend is getting your own awesome domain and setting up Wordpress script(CMS) via webhosting.

I have talked about choosing the right blogging platform as Wordpress hosting on own Awesome domain but you can also start with free blogging platforms like and to examine your capabilites. provides with you a subdomain of "" and have his own some limitations but you can give start your blog with it to habitat yourself with blogging. is free blogging platform a part of Google and all your blog images will be hosted a Picasa being part of the same.

Let's start a step by step guide to set up your blog on blogger:

1. Go to and login with your Google Account.

2. Being the first time user you will get an option to choose your limited blogger profile or your Google+ profile.

I recommend to use your Google+ profile so your reader will always remain connected to your new posts and updates by your Google+ Page.

3. When you get logged in , click on "New Blog" Button.

4. You will be asked for title and to choose a subdomain for your blog.
You can select your domain (subdomain) depending on your topic or a new buzz on internet.

5. After selecting Title , Subdomain and Template (it can be changed later) you have to click on "Create Blog" button.

I recommend to change your template from the default ones.
They are really of a boring types so you can refer to my below shown blog posts for a custom template.

6. By this you have set up your blog but haven't done yet.

7. Head Over to where you can see a list of your blogs.

8. You have to click on your blog's title you have just created.

9. Now you will be entered in your blog's dashboard , from where you have to click "New Post" to "start writing your first post".

This guide is for all readers who don't have their own blogs and to set up your their now.
I recommend to read my guide on other "ways to earn money online."

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  1. Thank Your For This Post...This is Really A Great One. I' Gonna Make My own Free blog on Blogger.Thank You Very Much.