Grab Free Domain With Web Hosting 2015

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In today's life we have to keep an eye over our budget and thinking for a web/blog get our mind to think about the two main costs of :
1. Buying An Awesome Domain
2. Buying An Trustable and Reliable Web Hosting

If you have not yet decided your domain you can refer to my guide on "choosing an awesome domain for your web/blog".

But how if we mix up this two costs into one. I am talking about to go for a web hosting which provides a free domain which will help you to get a web/blog in your budget and also with superior quality and uptime guarantees of trustable and reliable Web Hosting.

In this post, I will reveal the web hosting companies which offers a free domain on their web hosting purchase so you can save a minimum on bill of some 10-12 dollars which you can use for other promotions of your web/blog.

While getting a thing for free our first question is, "Are they reliable?" I want to answer this by saying, "Yes".

They are reliable and as well as affordable and they also offer you freebies. Yes you heard right "Freebies" which will help you to promote your web/blog.
This freebies include:
1. Facebook Advertise Coupon
2. AdWords Advertise Coupon

So I start my list of web hosting companies which will help you to grab a domain for free!

1. Dreamhost:

If you want to grab hosting with an minimum budget I will suggest you to go for Dreamhost and I have a special offer for you too!
Yaa special offer, you can grab my coupon which will give you a discount of $50 on your purchase of web hosting from Dreamhost for a year.
This means you have to just pay $69/- per year which is the best deal + One Free Domain.
The promo/discount code you need to grab this deal is "SONI50" , just use this code at checkout and you will get a discount of $50 on your purchase from Dreamhost + One Free Domain.

2. Bluehost:

This is the company you can go for best web hosting in today's time they are perfect for your web hosting requirements and their service is what you can say incredible! When I mail them for any query I got that query 'solved' the next day. Really they are the best!
But today we are talking about "Free Domain" so they also provide free domain with freebies worth $200 which is an awesome deal to go for.
I want to give you a note that they have monthly plans also which don't include free domain so if you want "Free Domain" you have to go for their plans of 12,24,36 months which include the free domain.

3. SiteGround:

SiteGround offers free domain name for life till you get your web hosting from them and they are excellent to maintain in their standards in this competitive time and you have to grab this free domain at the time of your "SignUp".
And if you are to plan for a long term + best quality + saving on domain renewals, I recommend to go for SiteGround Web Hosting Services.

I have mentioned here the top most web hosting services you get hear daily while using any media and are ranked as "the best" , but if you lookout in Google you will find many companies (Including Scam Companies Also) who will get you the same offer but such will force you to pay a high cost at domain renewals which you can say is too high for a domain, so I suggest you to go for the most trusted and reliable brands I have mentioned over here and save few dollars and get the best for what you are paying for.

Do you know about a web hosting company which offer the same deal and are termed as "trustable" and "reliable".
If "yes" do share in comments section below. You can also write your suggestions/doubts/queries below.
Do share it on Facebook and Google+ to help your friends to grab such a nice deal.

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