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Well you are now to take the first step to make money online, to do this you need a nice blogging platform like WordPress , Drupal , Blogger , An Awesome Web hosting Company and an awesome domain name to rank higher.

In this post I will uncover some tips and tricks that you have to follow to choose an awesome name of the domain.
While planning for a niche website the first thing we need is choosing and buying an awesome domain name.
A good domain name is a precondition for success of your website.

I recommend not using your name in domain name. Eg: , etc....
It will be useless to use your own name as a domain if your name is not worth it on the internet.
Your name will not create the right buzz as per your need if you are not very popular on the web.

Let I start with my first tip to grab an awesome domain:

The first tip is to grab the shortest domain name possible that conveys your topic, which is very hard now in this competitive world on internet.I always recommend to choose a ".com" domain because it shows your branding and there is one saying on it that:
"First impression is last impression".
But if you want to target a specific audience of your country you can grab a gTLD(Generic Name Top Level Domains ).
Eg: For India : ".in" , Italy: ".it" , United States: ".us" .

Now , from the point of view to rank higher I suggest you to get a good domain name which is valuable, like "" itself shows its branding and capacity to reach over billions!
So I would show a step by step explanations to grab your "best domain" which you could consider "awesome" for your website.

1. Maintain the new buzz:

I recommend to not start with any very popular domain which will create a great competition 'between your domain' vs. 'popular domain'.
For this purpose only you have to do is to widen up your thinking and choose domain which is unique and maintains the criteria of being a popular domain in future.
I want to show you some examples if you want to start with an awesome website of jokes for social apps like whatsapp, the normal thinking would be " ," but you have to widen your mind and have to find some awesome domain like '', '', which are unique and will surely create a buzz.

Also secure your social presence of the "domain name" so you can always remain connected with your right audience and perfectly setup your website to create the 'buzz on net'.

2. Easy while writing:

You have to consider the importance of the spelling of the domain, if not maintained your customer will end up with your alternatives and you will get easily defeated in the competition on web and your all hardwork will be of no use.

3. Pronouncable easily:

Do not grab a wrong domain name while keeping the importance of short domain in mind, sometimes you have to go for some lengthy domains but no need to feel disappointed, example if in the competitive web you are upon to choose between the two type of domain like below:

1., ,

You should always prefer the second one although it is long but it will remove the most of the misconception you are going to face with the first one domain names.

4. Try to grab Small Ones:

Long domains will be of no use because they are harmful for you in many ways like non-meaningful , hard to remember , misconceptions in spelling, etc...

5. Understand the meaning of your branding in domain:

As I mentioned above always grab a domain with ".com" it itself shows your branding and generates more trust for your website than other websites having domain like ( , , etc.)

If you have gone through all the directions(tips) I mentioned above then I can surely say that you have found your "domain" whom you can call awesome or your web.

What Next? , I prefer to go with the list of domain name providers and webhosting websites ,I mentioned below to check which of the nearest domain you can grab related to your topic.

List of Domain Name Providers + Web hosting:-

1. Dreamhost
2. Bluehost
3. HostGator
4. Namecheap
5. BigRock

Resources to get the best out of this topic:

Have suggestions/doubt on this topic comment below so it can help the other readers for a perfect start.

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