What is CPM? Cost Per Mille/Thousand Impressions

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Here is a explanation of term "CPM", full form of CPM is "COST PER MILLE" and called also as "COST PER THOUSAND" it is cost generally used by publishers on internet to charge the advertiser per thousand impressions of their ad. As the impressions are also worth, only focus on just "CTR" is not kept in practice and the advertisers are also charged for per thousand impressions.

CPM is mostly targeted for brand awareness {slogan awareness of that brand} and for delevering a specific message related to the brand which helps to get more "trustscore" from the audience which can help them to drive more sales. Generally there are many other types of ads as "CPC" and the new one which is introduced by Google is "COST PER CALL" which helps the country to drive out more sales with less investment in ad marketing.

So as said "CPM" totally depends upon impressions and more traffic throughout the day.


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