(2019 Update) AdSense HeatMap- Best Google AdSense Ads Placement Guide : AdSense Tips For More Earnings

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When we talk about increasing our Google AdSense Revenue /Earnings /CTR /CPC the first thing that strikes to our mind is "AdSense HeatMap". I found thousand of users asking for the adsense heatmap so hereby I will represent an adsense heatmap {right placement guide for adsense} which can help you to fulfill all above aspects without annoying your users.

Let's get on to the point here is a image for the heatmap or you can say best AdSense placement :

AdSense also plays different roles in desktop and mobile views so you have to take care of this also to increase your revenue. Here I represent a responsive AdSense HeatMap which can help you to understand it better in responsive themes and it will help you to gain money from both mobile and desktop users without any discrimination at all.

You can now start placing your AdSense Ads just getting the clear view of the HeatMap images but I will brief you about this topic below:

AdSense can get you much more money than you think if you place the Ads on the right placements as per heatmap.

Being a company powered by Google, Adsense gets trust of billions of advertisers and because of their revenue-sharing-campaign {AdSense} you get the most benefits without doing any hardwork.

You have to become smarter like do things before which can help you make more money, like place Google Search Bar widget on navigation panel as soon as you heard about it. This way you will be on the top way to boost up your earnings.

Being More Smarter I don't mean to use proxies, different browsers, different devices to click on your own ads. I just say you don't need to do that AdSense if used properly can easily grab you the bag-of-money with loads-of-rewards.

Now As Per HeatMap of AdSense you have to place your ads above and below in folds, if you can't understant the folds I get more simple by saying after Heading and Before your first paragraph can be considered as upper fold and after your content and before your widgets like recommended posts can be considered as lower fold.

You can put Ads between your content but I personally not recommend this, you can also checkout official guidelines of AdSense they also only suggests to use the folds and sidebars.

Now some secret: AdSense has officially announced that the website using AdSense gets higher rankings than any other not using it. This way it becomes need of a blogger to get AdSense to his blog and he will be making money too. Just think of that you will be paid for AdSense and you will get higher rankings too.

If you have not read my tips to boost your adsense revenue click here and read it out.

I can surely say if you follow my Google AdSense guide you will increase your AdSense earnings to 20-30% and if you are smarter than you can grab till 50-60%.

Now you get the HeatMap, use it well and I gave my best wishes to maximize your earnings and comment below if you find it useful and do share it on Facebook and Twitter to help out your friends and relatives to earn more out of AdSense.

I recommend you to use maximum guides written by me to boost up your earnings, I also have written guides to suggest web hostings and about getting more traffic, email marketing etc. you can checkout at my blog.

Let me know if this AdSense guide for beginners help you in comments:)


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