10 Tips To Increase/Boost Up Your Google AdSense Revenue/Earnings

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AdSense is consider to be the most easy way to earn for newbie bloggers. As you have completed installing the AdSense code you think of earning more with it, so here I will present a strategy to make more earnings using Google AdSense by using some tips and recommendations. I want you to remember that never be more selfish to earn more this can lead you to violate AdSense Policies and can get you banned. And its truth tha if you get banned its impossible to get your account back from Google AdSense and you have to start from the beginning.

Tips #1: As all know traffic is the most important thing you need after you a publish a content and depending on this theories are made that "traffic is income" but this can be only effective if you use "High CPM Ad Networks" but when you are working with with AdSense there are many factors responsible for your earnings.

List of Factors Responsible for your earnings:
1. Traffic Sources.
2. Ad Type.
3. Placement of Ads.
4. User Friendly Content.

Tips #2: Now let's talk about the placement of Ads you should try to place AdSense Ads between your content, Before your content header and below after finishing your content, the Ads placed before header and in-between content are more likely to get clicked then the Ads placed after the finish of the content. So you have to design a perfect placement for your Ads do you can get more CTR and definitely earn more. You should also place {choose} a good sort of sizes in AdSense Ads because it also helps to earn more you can go for small ones for your mobile site and for big ones for your Desktop site.

Tips #3: If you have a complaint that you don't earn enough after thousands of impressions than you should work on SEO to rank higher is Search Engines {Here probably I mean Google}. As the Google give interest based Ads you will not earn enough if you get direct traffic, but if you somehow get listed on first pages of High CPC keywords you will definitely get more earnings. Google Ads get more CTR with U.S.A and U.K audience because they can match out the perfect AdSense Ads for them, getting higher demands of Ads from these countries.

Tips #4: Try to monetize your site 100%, use all types of Ads and Widgets to monetize. Google AdSense offer large variety you can use like Search Bar,  Different Sizes of Ads, Text Links etc... use them all and boost up your revenue. Using all types get you the more chances of earnings because if somebody don't get the thing he is searching for from the AdSense interest based ads he will use your search bar and get the thing/topic he is searching for and you will be paid for just keeping the google search bar on your site this way your earnings will be doubled!

Tips #5: AdSense Section Targeting is technique to add few lines code before and after your content and your ads will be related to your content which can only help your reader to jump to another site if your reader doesn't get interested in your content. Because if you see from one angle these ads are competitors. Ex: If you write a guide on Wordpress Themes and you use affiliate urls which can earn you more than AdSense but due to boring content the user jumps to another site and buy a Theme and you just get a CPC inspite of your affiliate amount but if you think with a different point of view you get paid because of AdSense because the reader was annoyed with your content and he was just going to write a bad review on your content but because of AdSense he gets convinced with you for helping out for a good theme and you get paid and also you are saved from a bad review.

This is what AdSense is, it always helps you in one or the other way.

Tips #6: More of the bloggers/publishers just think that image ads works more than text links but it is a myth if you deliver the Ads on per user interest you will be earning on every phase of your site. Users are more convinced to get what they want and if you make it possible somehow you will get a conversion and you will be paid too. So I suggest to help users with a maximum of resources per topic you can offer it will help you to get more conversions from visitor to reader and you will always get paid for this hard work you have put to compile the resources.

Tips #7: This tip is for all who want to make more adsense revenue exploiting their readers, this can also result in losing number of readers. This is using Ads Between post feature in this way you are really annoying your visitors as well as readers. If you use this Ad type it will also decrease the conversion rates from visito to reader and make you getting one time visitors only. Let's get personal, think you are visiting a jokes site for some fun and you get 5 Ads from start-to-finish of one joke, how would you feel? do you come next time to this site? do you suggest this site to friends? do you move on to read the next joke? If I am in this situation i will suddenly opt-out from this site and find a another site which is clean by doing a simple google search. Do you want this to happen with your site? If your answer is "Yes" you can move forward with this type of Ads.

Tips #8: Placement Targeting is one secret tip for bloggers, it is one kind of benefit for AdSense users. When you create a channel you have an option to give a brief details about your ad types and to put it for auction in the web market. To enable this you have to login to your AdSense account then follow steps below:

1. Login to your AdSense Account.
2. Go to "My Ads".
3. Then Click on "Custom"
4. Now click on "Custom Channels".

Now, Simply fill up the form and put a tick mark on "Placement Targeting". Now this feature will be activated.

Tips #9: This tip is really going to help you to boost up your revenue. Infact this is a another cool feature to increase your earnings, it is known as "AdSense Blacklist URL's". Now the question comes to mind is how to use it? Its easy to use it but you need to do some research. You can block the Advertisers who pays less revenue and this will stop displaying their ads and you can have a chance to display the ads of high paying advertisers. But as I said research is necessary, you have to make a list of advertisers with their urls so you can block them out. I suggest you to only use this feature after a good research because it can lose you on high paying advertisers if you do any mistakes. This tip should only be used if you are a pro-blogger or take some guidance from one-of-the pro-blogger and implement it.

Tips #10: AdSense Category Blocking is one of the feature to get control over ads and this can earn you more money if you use it smartly. You just have to do a very less research or just track your analytics to use it smartly. You have to keep-an-eye on the categories which are unable to earn you more after having a good amount of impressions. Just block them and you are on your way to increase your earnings.

Do you have a tip which can help to maximize earnings? Do share it in comments section below. If you have any queries/suggestions/doubts share them as comments.


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